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If Your Business Is In A Crisis, You Need A Business Crisis Management Specialist

We Have Access To Financing and Refinancing Funds

Indicators A Business Turnaround Program Must Be Implemented. 

  • Do you worry about running out of cash?
  • Has your financing bank or lender reduced your line of credit or, even worse, called your loan?
  • Do most of your key vendors have you on COD?
  • Have any checks issued by your business bounced?
  • Are you delinquent paying taxes or benefit insurance?
  • Are revenue trends decreasing and accounts payable increasing?
  • Have your valued employees left for a "better opportunity"?
  • Are you spending all of your time fighting fires?
  • Do you wake up at night fearing you will be out of business?
  • Do you fear you will not have enough cash to meet your next payroll? What about the next?
  • Are you thinking or have been advised that a reorganization of your business under Chapter 11 of the US Bankruptcy code may be the answer?
  • Do you feel you are at or near crisis stage? 

"If you answered yes to more than one of these questions, then you need to call me at 727-587-7871 Right Now. That is my direct line. I will personally determine if I can help you solve your business problems or refer you to someone who can. This call will cost you nothing and may well save your company."

Steve Pohlit, President
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FREE Report: The Exact Steps To Turnaround Your Business and Move From Crises To Profit



Most of Our Work Involves Improving Business Performance. This Process Is An In-Depth,  Step-By-Step, What-To-Do and How-To-Do-It  System for Achieving Business Potential. In A Turnaround There Is One Key Difference: We Take A Much More Aggressive Position In Directing The Day to Day Operations of Your Business.  

... We literally show you everything you must do to save your business and then make sure it gets done and in most cases you will feel the relief of the pressure valve almost instantly. In fact...
  • If everything else you ever tried before didn't work, and now you're at your wit's end and simply don't know where to turn to next...
  • And even if you've tried other consulting  programs in the past, with absolutely minimal  success whatsoever...
... Then what you discover here will convince you we have the skills, understanding and experience that will make a permanent positive difference in your business. Keep reading to find out how for yourself...

Read This! Your Business Depends On It!

The 'Business Treadmill'.. is where you try and try to figure out how to make more money with your business but nothing seems to work except you spending more hours. Just like a treadmill, you keep running but you don't get anywhere and now you are sliding backwards and not even staying on level ground.

Believe it or not, many business owners, including this consultant who has owned a number of companies, have experienced what you are going through. Which is the first question you should ask anyone proposing to help you? Ask them: have you every owned your own business and experienced the type of problems you are proposing to help me with?  Well I have and I will be happy to share them with you and how I managed to solve most of them. Which is the next question you should ask: what has failed and why? Again, I will be happy to share my successes and failures.


There Are Two Parts To The Turnaround Process:

Part 1: Stabilize the Business

Part 2: Implement new a new management system   that will prevent your current situation from happening again.

Ready to learn more first hand? Call me direct at 727-587-7871. Steve Pohlit, President IR Consulting, Inc.

There Are Two Compelling Reasons To Consult With A Business Crisis Management or Business Turnaround Specialist:

  • An independent professional skilled in turning around business crisis situations, brings credibility to your business turnaround process which serves to quiet the companies and people fearful of not getting paid.
  • A key component of a successful business turnaround is developing and implementing a business plan for improved performance long term.  Enlisting the assistance of an independent specialist communicates to employees, creditors and the marketplace you are serious about becoming a stronger company.




The Missing Link to A Successful Turnaround ...

I know our turnaround process works very well. I also know it will not work for a business owner who really does not want to do what is necessary.

Your commitment is the key! Your Commitment to solving today's issues and restructuring the way you run your business. You don't want to end up in this position again!

"The Turnaround Process: What You Can Expect"



The Five Stages of A Business Turnaround and Long Term Business Success :

If Nobody Ever Explained This, Here It Is:

Stage 1: 


E stablish a crystal clear picture of the current status of the business and how you got there. This means we will know with certainty your revenue and cash profit trends, your current liquidity, and the resources available to do the work that is now required. Please note: the work I am describing is not optional. If any firm suggests any other approach, please run. The time required for this work is directly dependent on the quality of your records.

Now if you are under attack by creditors and suppliers, we will calm the crowds while we work through this process. Even if you waited to long to call us, we can still quiet these crowds in most cases.


Stage 2:



This is where you take the action necessary to stabilize the business. We will know what is required to achieve break even on a cash basis as a result of the work in Stage 1. Notice I said action you take. It is your business, you must implement on behalf of your business or the owners of the business you are running. You can blame the consultants (my firm) or the full moon or whatever you want, but you will be responsible for implementing the necessary steps to strengthen this business. We will tell you what has to be done then you need to do it.

Stage 3:


Development of the going forward plan and communicating that plan with creditors and suppliers is the next step. Development of the plan is not the first step. Buying time is the first step. With that time we will also have more information which positions us to develop a credible plan. You will also have taken action to strengthen the performance of the business today. This gives additional credibility to the plan. The plan documents your commitment to future performance and how that is going to be achieved. We will help you develop and communicate the plan.

Stage 4:


We have begun to implement our closed loop management system which is The Profit System. This is a disciplined process for running your business and realizing the profit potential of your business. Note that this is Stage 4. We can't get to this stage until we have diffused the immediate crises.

Stage 5:


Establish a control mechanism that provides you and key members of your team with key success factor information no matter where you are or what time it is PLUS.. coach you until you know what to do with that information.


In other words, we provide a clear step by step system that eliminates the "overwhelmed" feeling you get from all the feedback from staff, customers, accountants and the marketplace.

You don't have to guess anymore!

Next Step:

Call me (Steve Pohlit) at 727-587-7871 or Email me (Click Here) for a no obligation consultation on your business. You may never know what is possible unless we take that first step. Call Now!!

I look forward to talking with you.

All the best,

Steve Pohlit, President

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